The Dreams of Others

Belton House

Belton House

To daydream. We all do it and we feel the exhilaration of those thoughts: of the dream job, the hidden activist or the secret gift that we wish to share with the world. These dreams are precious, we hold them close, maybe whispering them in late night walks with loved ones, exploring the possibilities of what if...

I am fascinated and excited to hear the dreams of others. When we share our dreams, we are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to the listener, sharing our deepest desires and goals of the future. The "I want to be a successful artist" and the "I want to allow everyone to celebrate their individuality" and the most important "I want to be happy". There is a deep sense of trust and courage involved when we share these moments and when people share them with us.

As a child, I wanted to be a chef, farmer, artist, warrior, philosopher... and surrounding me were people who would get just as excited as me, sharing their advice and watching my little hopeful brown eyes shine with encouragement. Until-- I was too old for those dreams.

The moment of innocence as a child comes not when we find out that Santa isn't real-- but when we let the realities of "adulthood" to hold us back from our true purpose in life. We allow other's opinions to pull us down and to become "realistic". 

Yes, many of us have wild dreams, one of my dreams is to restore a historical building to it's former glory, and reside there-- putting on art retreats, workshops and large philosophical talks; surrounded by art, books and yummy food prepared from the Manor gardens with dogs weaving in and out of the guest's legs. I want it to be a place to expand, to grow, where we all share our dreams and allow these dreams to become our realities.

I am not in my manor yet, but I will get there. I share this dream not to show how lofty my goals are but because I invite you, to share your dreams with me and with us, as a community.

I invite you to join in and also, to encourage each other, to find ways to support and assist each other in achieving our dreams. More than ever now, the world is becoming a place where people are scared to share their inner passions, not wanting the proverbial hammer to crush their delicate secrets. 

Each of us have the power to inspire or to crush a person when they share their dreams. We can support their pursuits or we can tell them how unrealistic they are. We, as listeners hold a responsibility to allow our loved one's dreams to flourish.

Get excited with them, share your dreams, create a connection with a fellow human, even for a moment-- who knows, you might change their entire life.

Comment below or if you would prefer, send me an email and share your dreams with me, sometimes, all we need is for someone to believe with us, even for a moment.