About sam kaczur

artist | photographer | coach

Sam Kaczur is a fine art photographer and artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her work explores the mysterious worlds of emotion, memories, spirituality and mythology. Her objective is to bring out the secrets of the soul; capturing emotions that are deep within and expressing them through movement, colour and hidden worlds. She taps into the deeper side of her subjects, challenging their thoughts and interpretations of the unknown. She wants to bridge a spiritual gap with the viewers, inviting them to open themselves to a more intimate conversation with the concept of self.

She started her journey as a fine artist before stumbling across photography while on her first trip to Europe in 2007- a trip that would change her perspective not just on her art, but her life as well. 

Since then, Sam has strived to produce photographs that embody emotions, memories, symbolism and above all authenticity. Using natural light and the environment around her, she creates images that hold more than just meaning for her, but everyone she works with. When she plans her photo sessions, she invites the model to join her and embrace the concept, creating authentic images that embody her work.

In the past,  she worked under the world renown painter Robert Genn (1936 -2014)  as his studio assistant and as social media coordinator for 7 years. When asked about Sam, Robert Genn replied with "Sam is a bright-minded, inventive person who is capable of creative exploration and growth on many levels. One of the points I look for in young artists is their curiosity and eagerness to learn. Sam has these qualities in spades."


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