Adding Significance

Building upon yesterday's post, The Dreams of Others, we all have dreams, usually we have more than one; some of these dreams are brought about after exciting conversations with friends, talks with mentors and elders. Some people will give us suggestions or gentle nudges in the right direction-- or is it the right direction? Last night, I was asked by a friend after he read my post:

"How do I know if my dream is really mine and not what other people have told me I should aim for?"

It all boils down to a simple mental exercise that Moishe Rosen taught to help you identify your dream:

"If I had ____________________ I would ____________________."

If you had unlimited money, information, help and assistance, time-- basically, if you had unlimited everything that you needed to do something, and no reason not to do it... what would that one thing be? If you had no limits on your life, what would your dream consist of?

My answer would go along the lines of "If I had no limits I would inspire people daily to create, learn and expand their mind, their emotions and their connections with one another and also, with themselves. I want to create work in all forms of media that allow a person to realise an inner truth within and to give them the invitation to just run with it. For myself, I want to expand my knowledge on all cultures, religions and ways of life across the globe-- connecting people through the similarities within our diverse cultures."

Our answers will always change and adjust as we learn more on our path to our dreams-- but the core of our purpose will always remain true. 

What would you do if there were no limits on your life?

I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings. - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart