My destined path

I have seen this before...

I have seen this before...

A few days ago I arrived home from Europe, ready to throw myself directly into the world of creating.  All of the inspiration I accumulated over the past few weeks had lit a fire in the inspiration department of my soul. I took over 20,000 photos of anything that stirred an emotion in me. I toured cities, castles, museums, galleries, memorials and religious buildings. I involved all my senses in the experience. I closed my eyes, listening to the sounds, the smells, allowing myself to fully experience each moment that was offered to me.

I couldn't believe I was in Europe. It felt like a dream, a cloudy dream that I wished for every day and had finally accomplished. Every moment was followed by a feeling of deja vu, I have done this before.

Deja vu, is a French saying, it is defined as "a feeling of having already experienced a present situation". In some cultures it meant you were on the right path in life, possibly a destined path. With each episode of deja vu I stopped and savoured it. Some of those moments I remembered dreaming months before the trip, while others were just a feeling.

They grounded me and in a way they were preparing me for the life changes to come. I never expected a trip to Europe would change my life as much as it did. Nor did I expect to come home and find out that my childhood home was sold two days after my arrival and in less than two months, I was moving.

The past few months have shown me that I need to step out of my comfort zone and trust in exploration. Roll with the punches and get up stronger. Last night I sat in my back yard, the orchard trees turning to crooked shadows in the dark. The deja vu I had experienced on the trip turned and reared its head once more.

I knew this day would arrive. A day where all the comforts I knew were being peeled back, leaving me vulnerable to a new world, one that I could not hide from.

It is time for me to strive for greater goals and to push myself past the known, and into the unknown.

Until next week,