New experiences

I never expected to spend my evening on November 1st, walking through a Catholic cemetery during the Hallowtide Triduum-- but there I was, surrounded by candles in the pitch black. The energy was electrifying, the visuals solemn and the conversation inspiring.

Earlier that evening, a close family friend called me, asking if I would be interested in supporting her friend as she visited the grave of a close relative. She also thought I would be interested by the Catholic tradition of lighting candles on the graves of loved ones.

When we arrived, the sun had set behind the trees and dozens of little candles had already started to illuminate the graveyard. You could see the silhouettes of families gathered around the graves, remembering their loved ones. Through the prayers on the wind, the low sound of the church bells signified Mass, dedicated to the event. We watched the silhouettes move slowly towards the church. My friend and I didn't go, instead, we wandered through the candlelit cemetery, discussing our lives, our health and our beliefs.

Neither of us were Catholic so we went around, reading the statues dedicated to Saints, discovering a religion that we both vaguely understood. Though I'm not going to delve into religions and comparisons, the main highlight of my evening was when we both realized our openness to understand a religion and set of beliefs without judgement. We allowed our surroundings to speak with us and our conversations to enhance the experience.

Each day I am becoming more aware of small moments and I realize more and more how they can be easily translated into art. Looking at the small parts of my day, unpacking boxes, organizing my studio, watching the rain outside and now, standing in a graveyard among a sea of candles. The smallest, most innocent of actions can trigger an idea that I can pursue-- but only if I allow myself time to experience the small things.

I know this week I am going to do something new, again. Something outside of my usual day to day life.  Inspiration, even in the darkest times, could possibly be just around the corner.