Publication: Dark Beauty Magazine

Firstly, I want to thank Dark Beauty Magazine for approaching me to be on the cover of their beautiful magazine. Dark Beauty has been one of the largest sources of inspiration for me as a developing artist. The pages are filled with art that sings to my soul and to so many other artists just like me.

I asked Founder and Editor-in-Chief Topher Adam about his why, how it all started, what Dark Beauty means to him and also, the future of the magazine and largely, the movement that Dark Beauty has created in the Art Industry since 2010.

Topher said: "I started Dark Beauty because I felt there were too many artists who didn't have a home in the art world. The dark ones, the odd art, the disturbing art, the different art that people never really saw for what it was. I felt like I was one of those artists. I got tired of feeling pushed to the side, told that my work was too weird, that no one will get it.

"Then I auditioned for Project Runway, they treated me and many others like crap-- so many other amazing artists left broken and feeling abandoned. So, I went home, confused as fuck, not sure if I should keep going with my passion.

"Two months passed, I didn't create anything. I was depressed, sad, confused, then someone came over to pull some outfits from my collection for a photoshoot. She asked me if I had heard of Magcloud. She told me how anyone can make magazines online and they print them. It was literally like a burst of fire raged through me. I decided to start one for artists, for people like me.

"I'm going to call it, I think, something like Dark Beauty." - Topher Adam

"I jumped on the computer, started scouting artist that I followed, asked for submissions, created my first copy in 3 weeks, released it, sold 200 copies. I am proud to say that we don't compromise our standards. We aim to curate the ultimate dark beauty content.

"I want Dark Beauty to be a catalyst for all kinds of art, nothing that is everyday-- but unique, story driven, powerful, prolific, thought provoking, and meaningful. So, when our fans visit us, they get lost and mesmerized by the perfection of art that we curate. Anything from paintings, to illustrations, fashion, music, photography, animation, film, and anything that creates a break from the mundane we all endure in life."

"There is more light in the dark, because that's when the imagination sparks." - Topher Adam

Please check out Dark Beauty and support other amazing artists, both dark and emerging talents in all types of mediums. Let's build up a community and share our knowledge. 

You can buy a copy of Issue 57 either in print or e-book style here.